Bracken County Judicial Center

Project Description

The Bracken County Judicial Center was the fourth Judicial Center to be constructed by Trace Creek serving as the Construction Manager at Risk. The existing site had formerly served as a county high school and a bank branch.

This project required protecting an occupied preschool facility at the bottom of a seventy-five-foot slope at the rear of the site. During demolition and site preparation Trace Creek protected the existing preschool site while raising the rear elevation of the site to allow for the judicial center parking lot.

Although the project was not designed to meet Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), Trace Creek proactively incorporated many LEED aspects into the project.

A unique feature of the Bracken County Judicial Center project was the integration of a drive-up window for the use of the Bracken Circuit Court Clerk. The drive-up window was blended into the structure in such a way as to keep the majestic beauty of the building intact while allowing the driveup window to be functional and useful.

Project Location:

116 Miami Street
Brooksville, Kentucky


Bracken County Fiscal Court