Campbell Elementary Phase I & II

Project Description

Campbell Addition and Renovation – Phase I
This project consists of a classroom addition and complete renovations of the existing Campbell Elementary School located adjacent to Raceland-Worthington High School. The single story classroom addition gross area, including new connecting corridor, is approximately 6,900 square feet. 

Major construction work of the classroom addition includes:

  • Conventional concrete footings and slab on grade
  • Masonry bearing walls and steel roof structure
  • Steel exterior and interior doors
  • Aluminum windows and storefront system
  • Lay-in acoustical ceilings
  • Wall and floor finishes
  • New restrooms
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical and telecommunication systems
  • Replacement of existing windows with energy efficient windows and glazing
  • Replacement of existing HVAC system
  • Replacement of existing lighting
  • New floor finishes
  • New lay-in acoustical ceilings
  • New fire protection (sprinkler) system
  • Updating of fire alarm and telecommunication systems.

Major Construction work on this project shall include on Phase II:

  • New steel and masonry load bearing structure on convectional concrete footings
  • Low sloped EPDM roofing
  • Storefront windows with energy efficient glazing
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • High-efficiency HVAC system
  • Lighting
  • Resilient floor finishes
  • Lay-in acoustical ceilings
  • Extension of the fire protection (sprinkler) system
  • Fire alarm and telecommunication systems

Project Location:

550 Rams Blvd.
Raceland, Kentucky