Flemingsburg Fire Department

Project Description

When the Fire Department of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, required a new building to house their firefighters, fire engines and equipment, Trace Creek was up to the task. We constructed a 7,683 square foot pre-engineered metal building comprised of four 1,400 square foot engine bays and one 2,090 square foot administrative bay. To provide for future expansion, Trace Creek created a loft for future finishes above the administrative bay. Trace Creek finished the construction with the creation of a gravel surfaced parking lot.

Trace Creek always works to ensure that the buildings we create are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. The most efficient way to heat this large, open building was to treat each area separately. Trace Creek installed gas fired unit heaters for the engine bays and a gas/electric forced
furnace system for the administrative section of the building.

Trace Creek is honored to show its appreciation to the Flemingsburg Fire Department for all the hard work they do by creating an efficient new space for the department to gather and work.

Project Location:

80 Byron Way
Highway 11 By-pass
Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041


City of Flemingsburg