Lexington VA Medical Center

Project Description

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center needed additional meeting and office space added to its existing facility in Lexington, Kentucky. Trace Creek was a major sub-contractor for this important project, which added a 25,500-square-foot fifth floor to the existing medical center building. The newfloor will host meeting space and executive offices.

During construction, the building’s elevators and stairwell were extended to the fifth floor, which involved demolishing the existing elevator penthouse and building and installing a new one. The penthouse contains the elevator’s control panels and electric winches.

The existing elevators and housing were removed from service and stored safely offsite, and the exposed elevator shafts were covered and protected from the elements. Additional safety measures were put in place to protect everyone from injury while the elevator shafts were open.

Crews faced several challenges on this job. Because they were working in a hospital that was completely operational during the construction process, workers had to follow precautions to contain as much dust and noise as possible to protect patients, employees, and visitors. In addition, storage space for building materials was limited so materials had to be lifted to the site via a tower crane, demanding tight schedules and meticulous timing.

Project Location:

1101 Veterans Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502